About Us

Maverick is the person behind eLearningDesk, he is a very friendly, smart, and active learner. He is an expert in teaching people how to create eLearning courses, teaching people how to market the courses that they create, and helping them grow their online classes.

When he is not busy teaching, he loves to read books about history and motivational books to keep his mind fresh and in the present moment and to make his thinking very positive.

He loves to travel, and he is also a history enthusiast and loves to read books about different historical events and people.

His online journey began in 2015 when he started to teach programming online using tools like Skype using the pay-per-call model. He later shifted to Udemy and other platforms where he is currently teaching programming, Android, and iOS.

He helps people to understand what is eLearning, how to start, marketing, and the process to become successful in eLearning.

He enjoys interacting with his students and helping them to create value for their time and money.