10 Best Online Teaching Tools Used by Educators and Students

By Maverick Nov8,2023
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Online learning has changed everything from textbooks to the blackboard. Now, everything has become visual and more practical via digital tools. Seeing the advantages, the best thing that online mode has given is enough time for students to work on their dreams.

Now, students get enough time to pursue other courses, earn new skills, and develop existing skills. And the best part is all this is possible with several online teaching tools for teaching and students.

Several tools help students gain more academic confidence and learn new things every day. We bring you ten such online tools for teachers and students that are the most loved through this blog.


10 Best Online Teaching Tools for Teachers

The top 10 Best Online Teaching Tools for Teachers are 

#1. Quizizz – Online Teaching Tools for Teaching & Learning

Quizizz- online teaching tools for teachers
Quizizz- online teaching tools for teachers

If you love challenging children in online classes, you should introduce them to Quizizz. Millions of quizzes created by instructors and lecturers around the globe will be available to you. You can give your children individual quizzes ahead of time to ensure they get different reactions. Aside from that, the program is entirely free, which is terrific.

Why Quizizz Online Teaching tools for Teachers & Students is best?

  • The structure takes advantage of the educational science of spaced repetition to increase learning efficacy for the students.
  • Teachers can create their lessons or use Quizizz’s information collection, populated by over one million distinct teachers.

#2. GitMind- effective online teaching tools 


GitMind is a free ideas map tool that you can use online. It’s an excellent tool for visualizing complex concepts, generating fresh ideas, creating lists and outlines, and planning presentations.

Unlike other free mind mapping software trials, GitMind offers an entirely free service for generating infinite mind maps, storing them in the cloud at the same time, and collaborating online.

GitMind is a free tool that allows you to create endless mind maps, save them to the cloud simultaneously, and collaborate online.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in GitMind:

  • Mind maps can help teachers and students improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative learning in the Classroom.
  • The quality of classes may be significantly improved while using visual planning.

#3. Google Classroom– Best Online Teaching Tools for Teachers

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is web software that teachers may use to keep track of all the materials they want to share with and collect from their students. It was developed by Google and is available for free. It is considered one of the best online assessment tools for teachers. Most educators use this app to create a virtual classroom.

It combines Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, a collection of Google’s productivity and educational products, to create a safe basis for teaching, working, and communication.

Why is Google Classroom Online Teaching Tool for Teachers & students is best?

  • Students will benefit from exposure to Google Classroom when they transfer to other learning management systems used in higher education.
  • Teachers save assignments and assessments to Drive simultaneously as they post them to Classroom. The Classroom is paperless, so teachers and students won’t have to shuffle a lot of paper.

#4. Slack– Interactive online teaching tools


Slack is an education and business messaging platform that links individuals to the information they require. Slack transforms the way organizations collaborate by bringing people together to work as a single team, to work as one united team.

If your device doesn’t start playing immediately away, try restarting it. The more your classwork resembles the collaborative work done by teams in the workplace, and the more likely your students would want to use Slack.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in Slack:

  • Education Discussion could better fit your demands as a teacher, especially if your students aren’t currently using Slack.
  • Slack provides apparent advantages for students working on projects like they would in a professional setting.

#5. Camtasia– Live Classes educational tools online


Camtasia is a video and audio recording program that allows users to make videos with only one click. The tool can help you record video using a camera, USB webcam, or a suitable video device.

This simple-to-use application works on both Mac and PC and has various appropriate features.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in Camtasia:

  • Teachers can make a lesson screencast for review or show to absent pupils. You could also add quiz questions to any part of your presentation.
  • Students may use Camtasia to create videos to demonstrate their understanding, make observations, and think deeply.

#6. Remind– Communication tool for Education


Remind is a communication tool that allows teachers to communicate with students and parents. Remind is accessible because it will enable you to send text messages to any phone, including flip phones.

Messages are sent in real-time to a large class, a small group, or a single individual. You may also plan ahead of time and attach images and other assets to your announcements.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in Remind:

  • It becomes easy for everyone to track their progress in the classroom.
  • Remind aims to help teachers significantly affect students by making it simpler to send assignment reminders, schedule changes, and encouraging messages.

#7. ClassDojo– Online Tools for Teaching & Learning


ClassDojo is completely free, so educators and schools may use it without fear of paying any fees. Teachers may also exchange work and learning ideas via ClassDojo.

It uses communication elements, including a feed for photographs and videos from the school day and messages that can be translated into more than 35 languages to link primary school instructors, students, and families. It’s a great alternative when remote and hybrid learning are still becoming more popular.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in ClassDojo:

  • Teachers can provide excellent or negative marks to their classmates and remark on their progress throughout the day.
  • ClassDojo links instructors, parents, and kids throughout the school day, allowing them to share and see images, videos, and messages.

#8. Socrative– Online Tools for Teaching & Learning


Socrative is a time-saving solution for instructors to monitor and assess learning while also providing entertaining and engaging interactions for students. While several quiz-based applications are available to assist with remote knowledge right now, Socrative is unique.

It provides on-the-fly evaluations that become a part of your classroom app. Due to this, the importance of immediate feedback in the learning process cannot be overstated.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in Socrative:

  • Socrative allows you to engage pupils in their study while also assessing them.
  • Teachers may use Socrative to quiz students in various formats, including multiple-choice, true/false, and free-response.

#9. Edmodo– Online Tools for Teaching & Learning

Edmodo is a social media platform for teachers that attempts to give them tools to interact and communicate with their students and parents. Teachers may exchange information, texts, videos, homework, and assignments with their students online using the Edmodo app or website.

Apps like Edmodo help professors manage their classrooms most effectively. Teachers may use the Edmodo network to exchange information, offer quizzes, and manage contact with students, colleagues, and parents.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in Edmodo:

  • Students can post tasks to Edmodo for their teachers to examine and grade.
  • Students who are uncomfortable in the classroom might use Edmodo to chat privately with their teacher.

#10. Google Jamboard– Online Tools for Teaching & Learning


Google Jamboard is a search engine cloud-based digital whiteboard released some years ago. It has many features similar to that of other digital whiteboards, such as fun pens, pencils, picture embedding, color changes, and the ability to build a lesson or show information for students that can subsequently be altered to help them learn more effectively, allowing teachers to teach.

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that allows you to interact in real-time using one of two devices. It’s one of the most helpful online tools for teachers to help students learn on the digital platform.

What’s Good For Teachers & Students in Google Jamboard:

  • Teachers can provide students editing access or restrict them to seeing the Jamboard alone.
  • Google’s whiteboard app is called Jamboard. It’s collaborative, just like all other Google products.

Why Do Students Love Online Teaching Tools?

Everyone loves a flexible schedule, and so do students. When they can get all the facilities virtually from the comfort of their home, why would they want to go to school, right? The most common answer to this question is the availability of excessive resources and time.

Some significant benefits of the online mode are mentioned below:

  • Flexibility in timings: Take the classes anywhere at any time. This is especially helpful for students who are working a side job.
  • Possibility to advance a career: Most professionals need to upskill themselves to remain competitive constantly. For such professionals, online learning tools are one of the best ways to advance their careers without taking a break from a career.
  • Ability to cover a comprehensive range of programs and courses: With online learning tools, students get access to the best programs and courses. This is simply not available in the physical mode of education due to geographical restrictions.
  • Time management skill development. When learning online, time management plays an important role. Students learn how to manage their time effectively.
  • Ability to gain technical skills. Most physical schools have a predetermined syllabus, which is not flexible. As a result, students find it hard to gain skills in another area. Whereas with online learning tools, students are not restricted. Most online courses are open to students of all ages and countries without restrictions.


Technology has an impact on every facet of life, including education. It is a component of the curriculum, a method of providing teaching, and a tool for enhancing the learning process. Online teaching tools for teachers free and have completely changed the way of teaching.

We hope that these ten best online tools for teachers by educators and students above content have met your expectations for every piece of information about this.

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