10 Best Smart Boards For Classroom To Improve Learning October 2023

By Maverick Nov10,2023
Smart Boards For Classroom


Smart boards give teachers access to the internet and various applications that help grasp students’ attention. Lectures no longer need to be dry, with points dictated from a textbook.

Smart boards help teachers host interactive learning sessions. Teachers can also display different kinds of learning material on the board to keep students engaged throughout lessons. 

The several advantages smart boards offer have made them one of the most sought-after tools for classroom education. But buying a smart board can be more challenging than it seems. 

There are several factors to consider when picking a smart board for your classroom. Further, shortlisting quality smart boards can take longer when you don’t know what to look for.

We’ve highlighted the most important factors to consider and review the ten best smart boards for classrooms in this post.

How To Choose A Best Smartboards For Your Classroom

Students growing up in the digital age are more attracted to graphics than plain writing on a blackboard. For this reason, smart boards have been a common tool for online and classroom teaching. 

Here are some factors you must consider when looking for a smart board for your classroom:

  • Size: Find the wall where you want the smart to be hung up, and estimate the size of the smart board you need. Smart boards can be as small as 32” and as large as 98”. To ensure that a board is large enough for the classroom, check to see if students can read a 20-point font on the screen from the back of the room.
  • Resolution: The board’s resolution indicates the clarity of the visuals that will appear on the board. Currently, the best smart boards have a 4K resolution.
  • Number of touchpoints: The number of touchpoints defines how many students can use the board at one time. Most smart boards have ten touchpoints, while the best ones have twenty. 
  • Integrated speakers: Teachers typically need to connect external speakers to a smartboard to be able to hear media playing. However, some smart boards have 10-watt speakers integrated into them, which are helpful when playing media. 
  • Warranty: The best smart boards come with an extended three-year warranty.

Benefits of Choosing Best Smartboards for classroom

Using smart boards over traditional blackboards offers a handful of excellent advantages:

#1 Smart Boards Enhance the Learning Experience

Besides making teaching more convenient and practical, the use of smart boards also helps students grasp concepts easily. The visual elements provided by smart boards enrich the students’ learning experience.

Furthermore, differentiated learning is easier to pull off since teachers can accommodate the many different learning styles. A visual learner can pay attention to the board, while a tactile learner can engage with the material by touching the board.

Since smart boards are touch-sensitive, instructors can run programs by tapping them. The touch interface makes the material easier to interact with for teachers and students.

Smart boards also display charts, diagrams, and videos, enhancing the learning experience and making learning a lot more fun than ever before.

#2 Smart Boards are Interactive 

It’s no surprise that students learn at their highest capacity when the lesson fully engages them. Smart boards enable hands-on learning, making every lesson more engaging. 

Every student in the classroom can use the smart board simultaneously. Students can write on the board with their fingers. Instructors can also assign students with workspaces, allowing all students to use the board at once. 

In other words, students can draw or take notes during a lesson via their tablet, and the teachers can easily review it. 

#3 Smart Boards Don’t Need Much Maintenance

Unlike conventional blackboards, smart boards don’t require chalk or markers. Teachers and students can interact with it using a finger or a special pen. Smart boards are also a lot easier to clean compared to blackboards.

#4 Smart Boards Provide Access to the Internet

Access to the internet gives teachers and students access to all the online resources they’d ever need. Smart boards can be set up so students can play any video or look at any website through an application.

Instructors get access to huge knowledge databases with which they can reinforce their lessons.

#5 Smart Boards are Environmentally Friendly

Smart boards remove the need for teachers to provide students with photocopied material. The material displayed on interactive boards can be easily shared with students, saving tons of paper and ink yearly.

#6 Smart Boards Easily Integrate with Technology

One of the best things about smart boards is that teachers can connect a computer, a video camera, a microscope, and a range of other technology to the smart boards to instruct students.

#7 Smart Boards Have High Success Rates

It’s been proven that smart technology in the classroom can help students learn better, pay more attention, and improve test scores.

Teachers who use smart boards in the class report increased student engagement. Furthermore, using a smart board allows students with different learning styles to learn from each other’s perspectives.

10 Best Smartboards for Classrooms

#1 Vibe all-in-one   smart boards for classroom

The Vibe all-in-one is a 55” 4K smart board that comes with a host of features that make teaching easier.

The magnetic stylus makes it easy to interact with, and access to conferencing and collaboration tools removes the need for you to make additional purchases.

Setting up the board is easy. All you have to do is slide the board into the portable stand and use the many ports on the back to hook it up to your devices.


  • 8ms response time
  • Screen share and real-time collaboration features
  • Up to four people can screencast simultaneously


  • Cannot erase with hands

#2 Touch Force 4K UHD- smart boards for classroom

The Touch Force board is right for you if you want a color-accurate smart board. It upscales your device’s picture quality to 4K and presents them in accurate colors.

It has an impressive 5ms response time, and it can recognize gestures from up to ten touch points simultaneously. In addition to writing and annotating, the touch screen allows you to use it for digital signage and as an order board.

The 50” size makes it the right smart board to buy for small to moderately sized classrooms.


  • Accurate colors
  • 5ms response time
  • Works with stylus


  • No portable stand

#3 Smart Tech Interactive- smart boards for classroom

If you need a smart board for a large classroom, the Smart Tech board is one of your best options. The package includes a 77” whiteboard, a tray, four pens, an eraser, a projector, and the remote control.

The board is touch-sensitive, and teachers can interact with their devices by touching the whiteboard’s surface. Teachers can also write notes on the low-reflective whiteboard surface.

The SMART Board software enables easy annotation over any application. The annotations can be saved as images and easily shared with students after class.


  • Helpful SMART Board software
  • It makes presentations easier
  • It comes with pens, an eraser, and a tray


  • Weak integrated speaker

#4 SBX885 Smart Board- smart boards for classroom

If you’re looking for a smart board that’s both affordable and effective, you cannot go wrong with the Smartboard SBX885. Up to four students can work together on it and use hand gestures to perform functions as necessary.

The SMART Ink feature allows you to annotate over any application and site. The included pen makes the interface more convenient to navigate. You can also save your notes in any kind of file and forward them to students.

The interactive surface makes giving presentations and introducing students to new concepts a lot easier.


  • Pen and eraser included
  • Helpful SMART Ink software
  • Large 7.5-foot display


  • Limited resolution at 1200×800

#5 SMART Interactive Whiteboard- smart boards for classroom

The SMART Interactive whiteboard is another excellent option if you’re looking for a large smart board. The 75” board boasts a quality LED display that presents images at 4K. Additionally, the display has a low-friction coating, making for a smooth touch experience.

The integrated software makes it easy to zoom, rotate, and flip the screen, and the multiple touchpoints enable several students to use it simultaneously.

The anti-glare panel ensures that students can view the board from anywhere in the classroom. 


  • Large 75” size
  • Smooth touch experience
  • Anti-glare panel


  • No integrated speakers

#6 AG Neovo Interactive- smart boards for classroom

Not many smartboards offer a built-in operating system, but the AG Neovo does. The 65” smart board comes with Android built-in, offering integrated sharing and annotation capabilities.

The screen is impressive. The 4K resolution screen has a 20-point multitouch, meaning up to 20 students can use the board simultaneously.

Sharing another device’s screen is also easy since it supports mirroring from multiple sources.


  • Several ports
  • AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast mirroring
  • Embedded app for annotation


  • Speakers may not be powerful enough for a large conference room

#7 SMARTBoard SB680- smart boards for classroom

At 77”, the SMARTBoard SB680 is one of the biggest smart boards in the market. The touch surface enables teachers and students to interact with the elements on the screen without much hassle.

One of the best things about the board is that it can be set up in a matter of minutes. After initial setup, using it is just a matter of turning it on and navigating to the material. 

The intuitive SMART board software makes it easy to write over any application. The annotations can be saved into image files and shared with students for later reference.


  • Intuitive SMART board software
  • It comes with four pens and an eraser
  • Works with Windows and macOS


  • Weighs about 40 lbs – you will need help to put it up

#8 DTEN ON All-in-one- smart boards for classroom

Running Windows IoT, the DTEN ON smart board features built-in noise reduction and a 16-microphone array. It also has a camera with a 120-degree field of view. These features make it the right smart board for online classes and conferences.

Screen sharing is easy to do, and the real-time annotation features allow teachers to explain complex concepts more effectively.

At 55”, the smart board is large enough for a moderately-sized classroom. The powerful speakers make it one of the more attractive options on this list.


  • Smart camera technology
  • Screen sharing and auto-annotation features
  • Impressive 16-microphone array


  • The camera may be unnecessary in a classroom setting

#9 VIBE Smartboard Pro – smart boards for classroom

Featuring an Intel i5 CPU and a 128GB SSD, the VIBE Pro smart board is one of the most impressive smart boards in the market. 

You can save annotated images and other material to the Vibe Cloud. Remote students can then brainstorm and turn in their work.

The board supports apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, and others. Since it works on Chromium OS, managing users and working with apps is more streamlined.


  • Powerful hardware
  • Advanced security features
  • Excellent collaboration features for remote learning


  • Pricey for what it is

 #10 Touch Force 32 – smart boards for classroom 

The smallest smart board on this list, the Touch Force 32 boasts 4K resolution and will upscale whatever device you connect to it to 4K.

It has ten-point touch recognition, meaning students can work on it simultaneously. The 5ms response time and the annotation capability make teaching easier. 

The responsive touch screen also makes it a solid option for signage and order boards.


  • 4K resolution
  • 10-point multitouch
  • 5ms response time


  • No sleep option

Best SmartBoards for Classrooms Compared

Product Size Resolution Integrated Speakers Warranty
Vibe all-in-one 55” 4K No One year
Touch Force 50” 4K No N/A
Smart Tech 77” HD Yes Six months
SBX885 Smart Board 90” 1280 x 800 Yes One year
SMART Interactive Whiteboard 75” 4K No N/A
AG Neovo 65” 4K Yes N/A
SMARTBoard SB680 77” 1280 x 800 No N/A
DTEN ON 55” 4K Yes N/A
VIBE Pro 75” 4K No N/A
Touch Force 32 32” 4K Yes N/A


With all the top smart boards laid out, finding the right one will be as easy as jotting down your budget preferences and feature requirements. 

You can then tally your requirements with the table above and purchase the best smart board for your classroom in a matter of minutes.

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