10 Best Digital Writing Pad for e-Learning in 2023

By Maverick Nov20,2023
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Teaching an online class is more convenient – you don’t have to travel to the school and stay on your feet. Instead, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home while you teach an online class.

But teaching online also has its disadvantages. Students aren’t as engaged, and explaining concepts often requires more than just your voice and a presentation.

You could illustrate and break down concepts on the digital whiteboard provided on online conferencing platforms. However, there’s only so much you’ll be able to write with a mouse or trackpad.

Getting a digital writing pad can open up a whole new dimension of learning for your students in online classes. 

But what is a digital writing pad? And how exactly does it help?

We’ve answered those questions and reviewed the 10 best digital writing pads for e-Learning below.

What is Digital Writing Pad?

A digital writing pad is a device that connects to digital whiteboards in online conferencing software. You can maneuver the pen on the pad and write notes, break down math problems, and illustrate concepts on the digital whiteboard.


It removes the need to get a specialized document camera and explain concepts using paper and pen. In this way, it also has an environmental benefit.

There is no shortage of digital writing pads in the market. However, not all the products you will find are worth your money. Going through the reviews and understanding the pros and cons of every product will help you find a suitable device in minutes.

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Why Do You Need a Digital Writing Pad?

Using a webcam to teach theories, break down math problems, and annotate biological diagrams is very challenging. 

While you could use a digital whiteboard, writing and drawing with the mouse is very difficult. You won’t have the same dexterity you do when you use a marker on a whiteboard.

Digital writing pads conveniently connect to your computer and allow you to write on the digital whiteboard more naturally with the pen. In addition to making writing and drawing more convenient, the writing pads also make for an interactive learning experience for the students. 

ProductsSizeOS CompatibilityPen Requires Battery?Connectivity ModesShortcut Keys
XP-PEN Deco Pro11×6 InchesWindows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.10 or later, Android 6.0 or later, Chrome OS M88 or later, and LinuxNoUSB (wireless), USB (wired), Bluetooth8 shortcut keys and two dial wheels
HUION Inspiroy H640P6.3×3.9 InchesMac and Windows, Android 6.0 or later via the included OTG adapter NoUSB (wired)Six shortcut keys
XENCELABS10.33×5.8 InchesWindows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.12, and Linux. NoWireless FR dongle, USB Type CNo; but available with remote (sold separately)

10 Best Digital Writing Pad for Online teaching in 2023:

Below are some of the best digital writing pad you can use to teach in an online class. You can get any of the below mentioned writing pad that suits your style preference.

1. XP-PEN Deco Pro

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

The Deco Pro is a large 11×6 inch tablet available at a reasonable price. 

It comes with a built-in battery, allowing you to use it via Bluetooth without needing any wires. It can also work in wired mode with the included USB cables.

Turning the pad on and off is easy, and the durable build gives you confidence that it won’t break in your bag.

The pad has eight shortcut keys and two dials, and programming shortcuts is a breeze. It will help optimize your workflow when you teach an online class.

The pen doesn’t require a battery, which is convenient. But what’s more convenient is that the Deco Pro works with all OSs and software. 

If you’re unsure what to buy, we recommend settling for the Deco Pro since it is objectively the best digital writing pad on the market.


  • Built-in battery for day-long Bluetooth operation
  • Compatible with almost all OSs
  • Eight shortcuts and two dials for improved workflow
  • Large, lightweight, and has a high-class texture
  • One year warranty


  • The pen must be pressed hard on the pad for it to register

2. HUION Inspiroy H640P

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

One of the most affordable options on this list, the HUION Inspiroy comes loaded with features similar to those that much more expensive products offer. 

It is compatible with Windows and Mac and works with Android phones via the included OTG adapter. In addition to online conferencing software, you can also use the pad with design programs such as Illustrator and PaintTool SAI.

But it’s built for e-Learning, with the pen recognizing 8192 sensitivity levels and offering a 5080 LPI resolution. You won’t have to worry about lag or precision, and the pen’s design makes it feel natural in hand. Since the pen is battery-free, you don’t have to worry about charging.

The pad features four customizable express keys, and the pen has two buttons, helping you optimize your workflow. The pad’s compact size ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space on the desk and is easy to carry.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Rarely lags
  • Cord is long 
  • Programmable shortcut keys on both the pad and pen 
  • Weighs 0.5 lbs


  • Some illustration programs don’t recognize the pressure correctly, but it works perfectly with online conferencing programs


Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

The XENCELABS writing pad boasts a high-quality build and design, making it worth its higher price. The pen and pad are designed to provide the perfect amount of friction when drawing. It’s the perfect product to use if you’re teaching a graphic design class.

It comes with two pens: a “standard” size pen with three buttons and a “thin” pen with two buttons. Both pens come with an eraser, making them ideal for use with programs such as Photoshop.

While the pad has no shortcut keys, the pad’s buttons allow you to conveniently access the pad’s settings. The XENCELABS pad is large at 10.33×5.8 inches and 8mm thin. The pens don’t need batteries to work, which is a significant advantage.

Overall, it’s one of the best digital writing pads for e-Learning, and the eco-friendly packaging makes a solid first impression.


  • Wired and wireless use
  • Compatible with most OSs
  • Large size
  • It comes with two pens
  • Drawing glove included


  • Remote sold separately

4. Wacom Intuos

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

If you’re looking for a solid mid-range option, the Wacom Intuos is worth considering. It offers a working area of 6×3.7 inches, making it ideal if you have limited desktop space. It supports both right- and left-hand use, which is another advantage.

The Intuos works with all OSs, including Chrome OS and Android, via the USB-A port. The pad detects 4096 levels of sensitivity, enabling high precision drawing, and the four customizable keys allow you to speed up your workflow.

Users get free access to three Clip Studio Paint Pro, Corel Painter Essentials 8, and Corel AfterShot Pro 3. Additionally, users get access to EdTech software such as Kami, Explain Everything, Limnu, Collaboard, and Pear Deck. 


  • Four customizable shortcut keys
  • Wired and wireless use
  • Connects to Android phones
  • Free access to software such as Clip Studio Paint Pro
  • Works with Chromebooks


  • Online registration required before use

5. HUION H610 Pro V2

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

The H610 Pro V2 boasts an impressive feature set considering its price. The pad comes with 24 shortcut keys, which are easy to set up. There are two buttons on the pen, giving you easy access to the “eraser” function.

There’s a lot more to like about the product. It comes with eight press keys and 16 soft keys, giving you a lot of flexibility in using shortcuts. The large 10×6.25 inch working area makes the writing pad convenient to use. However, you will need quite some desk space to accommodate the pad.

The pad works with Windows, Mac OS, Chromebooks, and Android devices, allowing you to teach without investing in another computer. The high-resolution pen coupled with the tilt control system makes the pen feel natural in hand.

The H610 Pro V2 works with all online conferencing software and tools like Word and PowerPoint, making it the perfect digital writing pad for most instructors.


  • 8 press keys and 16 soft keys
  • Anti-slip pad design
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, and Android
  • Eight pen nibs included
  • OTG Adapter included


  • Pen buttons hard to find with the fingers

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Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

Available at a similar price as the HUION H610 Pro V2, the GAOMON M106KPRO has the same working area as its competitor at 10×6.25 inches.

However, the GAOMON M106KPRO offers 28 shortcut keys. There are 12 hard keys and 16 press keys, and the four added hard keys make it more desirable than the HUION H610 Pro V2. 

With this device, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. It works Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android and supports conferencing software like Zoom and tools like Microsoft Word.

Assigning functions to the shortcuts is easy, and the pen buttons further add to its ease of use. The 8192-level pressure sensitivity and the 60-degree tilt action ensure accurate presentation of strokes. The high report rate ensures minimal lag.

It’s one of the best digital writing pads for e-Learning on the market.


  • Large working area
  • 12 shortcut keys + 16 soft keys
  • Battery-free pen
  • 8192-level pressure sensitivity
  • OTG adapter included


  • The pen may need reconnecting from time to time

7. XP-PEN Deco

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-e-Learning

If you prefer buying from well-known brands, the XP-PEN Deco is an excellent option to consider. It comes with a roller wheel that allows you to effortlessly access functions and navigate the workspace.

The P06 pen boasts a pencil-like feel, features a non-slip, tack-free glue grip. The eraser at the end of the pen makes it that much easier to use. Like most other popular digital writing pads, it has 8192 levels of sensitivity and has a report rate of 266 PRS, ensuring smooth and accurate use.

The six customizable keys add to the pad’s functionality, and the included drawing glove is a nice touch. 


  • Drawing glove included
  • The pen comes with an eraser
  • Intuitive roller wheel
  • Works with Windows and Mac OS
  • Large shortcut keys


  • It has fewer shortcut keys and a smaller working area than cheaper options 

8. UGEE M708

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-online-classes

The UGEE M708 is a solid mid-range option featuring a 10×6 inch working area and a papery texture surface. The 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity do justice to the feel of the pad, allowing you to make precise lines without any lag.

The M708 works with Windows and Mac OS, but you will need to install the drivers from the website. Its eight customizable keys allow you to access functions such as zoom, eraser, undo, and more, increasing productivity and convenience.

In addition to being suitable for left- and right-handed users, the UGEE M708 comes with a nice pen holder and some extra pen tips, making it the right option for first-time users.


  • Eight shortcut keys
  • Battery-free pen
  • Works with Windows and Mac OS
  • Drawing gloves included
  • Replacement nib included


  • No tutorial or directions for getting started

9. One by Wacom

Best Digital-Writing-Pad-for-online-classes

One of the most popular options among beginners, One by Wacom offers reliability but not great value for money. It has a working area of 6×3.7 inches, which is too small considering the price. 

But the pad makes up for it with its other features. It works with Macs, Windows computers, and Chromebooks and can be configured for left- and right-hand use.

Using it is as simple as plugging it in, and you don’t have to worry about charging the battery-free pen. Three-month trials to EdTech software and other creative software add to the value supplied.


  • Works with Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook
  • Battery-free pen
  • No jitters or glitches
  • Durable build
  • Simple setup


  • Short USB cable 

10. VEIKK S640


The most affordable option on the list, the VEIKK S640 offers impressive value. It works with Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android with the provided OTG cable.

The battery-free pen boasts 8192 levels of pressure, and the 5080 LPI resolution makes for a smooth drawing experience.

It works perfectly with Zoom, Teams, and Xsplit, and the slim and compact design makes it portable. This is the most impressive digital writing pad you can buy at that price point.


  • Works with Windows and Mac OS
  • Eight extra nibs
  • OTG cable included
  • Works perfectly with online conferencing and drawing software
  • Pen hovering supported


  • Finicky pen buttons

Conclusion: Which is the Best Digital Writing Pad for e-Learning?

You can go for any of the listed options without hesitating. However, some offer more shortcuts, while others offer a larger working area.

To find the best digital writing pad, take note of the features you want the most. There are options on all price ranges mentioned above, and scrolling through the options with the desired features in mind should help you find the right digital writing pad.

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