With new technology and the constant evolution of our society, new and innovative jobs are also born daily. Due to the current events and the circumstances that have arisen around the globe, online teaching has recently gained a lot of popularity.

Education and its cultivation can never cease; even during the pandemic, students and teachers adapted themselves to keep the flow of knowledge continuous.

Online teacher jobs have thus gained much traction post-2020 since 98% of universities switched to online classes for their students.

What is Online Teaching?

The process of imparting education to others online through the internet is known as online teaching.

There are many ways teachers can teach online, such as one-on-one video call classes, group video calls, and many more. 

Online teaching is very flexible and can be imparted anywhere anytime without much hassle. This advantage of remote education has made online teaching extremely widespread right now. Online teaching jobs benefit both the educator and the student and have quickly made education accessible to the masses.

With a wide range of subjects and disciplines covered through online teaching, remote education also helps students access different topics quickly.

Reasons Why Online Teacher Jobs Are The More Practical Option Right Now

With 80% of schools purchasing and preparing to purchase additional technology for students, online teacher jobs in the USA have become an excellent scope for aspirants today.

There are many benefits of opting for an online teaching career for teachers worldwide due to the shift in the mode of education from traditional to online. Here we have listed many reasons why online teaching can be more beneficial to teachers today.

#1. Online Teaching Is Flexible

When you switch to online teaching, you can maintain and manage your schedule to your liking. Taking classes when you have time is one of the best pros of education over the internet

The flexibility of online teaching makes it practical for teachers who wish to have complete control over their teaching schedule and mode of teaching. In fact, there are several online teacher jobs part-time available which gives teachers to pick up multiple opportunities. Further, you can easily manage your teaching techniques and schedule when teaching online!

#2. Teachers Can Easily Take Classes Anywhere Anytime

Does being a teacher interfere with your travel plans and vacation ideas? With online teaching, you can take your classes anywhere you are without any restraints. 

Also, you can take classes whenever your schedule allows. Your timetable is under your control, and you can better manage your time and prepare for your courses with online teaching.

So the next time you want to travel or go on a vacation, you won’t need to worry about your classes anymore!

#3. It Is Less Stressful And Demanding

Teaching physical classes all day while standing in front of your students can be straining and make you burn out quickly. So online teaching can give you the option of teaching your students from the comfort of your home or office.

Online teaching can also reduce your load as traditional classes need more energy and effort to reach each one of your students. 

In online teaching, you can focus on every student more efficiently and grade them effectively!

#4. It Offers A Wide Range Of Teaching Options

With online teaching, you can gain more experience and try new effective teaching techniques without worrying about the circumstances. The online teaching atmosphere can help new teachers get used to communicating with their students more effectively.

As a teacher, you can teach more detailed and unique topics online easily with the help of the latest technologies that are available.

With online teaching, there are endless opportunities for you to grow and improve your teaching methods!

Best Paid Online Teaching Jobs In 2022

Now that you know all about online teaching and how you can certify to teach online, we have curated a list of the best paid online teaching jobs for you. 

Start your career with these jobs to get great benefits and a high salary!

#1. VIPKid

VIPKid is an international company that offers online English education to children from the ages of 4-12. 

The company is established in Beijing and San Francisco and is among the most famous and well-established online companies for ESL teachers.

This platform is a great option for teachers who are sourcing online teacher jobs from home, as they can earn a steady income from teaching English through the internet. Teachers on VIPKid get the privilege to choose their own working hours and to set their own teaching plans. 

Once your profile is authorized, the platform makes it publicly obtainable for parents who are looking for an online tutor. 

#2. K12

K12 is a public virtual school aiming to empower students to take charge of their education. 

The platform provides a personalized, inspired learning experience to students to help them experience independent and innovative education. 

With K12, aspiring teachers can browse the available job positions and apply for them online. 

After becoming a K12 teacher, the school will appoint a specific number of students as their teachers.
K12 can help fresh teachers gain valuable experience that can help them strengthen their resumes.

#3. Pearson

Pearson is a globally well-known online learning company that provides education. It works with publishing and assessment tools & services for schools and other educational corporations worldwide. 

Pearson has around 22,500 employees who operate in almost 70 countries globally to provide content and assess digital services to various clients. 

As a leading company, its customers include learners, educational institutes, employers, and governments around the globe. 

In order to become a member of the Pearson group, you can see the amazing range of online teaching jobs offered and apply online accordingly.

#4. Instructional Connections

Instructional Connections or IC is one the leading providers of high-quality instructional support services to both colleges and universities globally.

The goal of the company is to improve online education and to offer excellent online academic coaches for universities. 

The company also gives its aspirants a great opportunity to train and coach faculty professors to enhance their online teaching skills. 

To apply for a job as an online academic coach in Instructional Connection, just simply apply online through their website.

#5. iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup is one of the top on-demand educational platforms connecting teachers with students of all age groups from Asia who want to learn the English language. 

To apply as a teacher in iTutorGroup, you must have a bachelor’s degree and English language certificates, such as TESOL, TEFL, or TESL. 

If you can successfully meet the requirements, you need to apply online to get considered for the tutor position. 

Only after the iTutorGroup approves your profile, their algorithm will match you to students and schedule classes to fit your specifications.

#6. Teach Away

Teach Away is one of the leading companies that recruit international teachers and offer professional expansion.

The platform also helps aspiring teachers connect with reputed international schools around the world to teach their students English online. 

To become a teacher at Teach Away you will require TEFL certification. The company offers you to get TEFL certification online and save $500. 

In order to join the Teach Away team as a teacher, you need to simply register for the teaching position.

#7. QKids

Qkids is one of the leading online education platforms connecting North American English teachers with over 1 million international students.

The platform connects you with children between the age of 4 to 12 in China who want to learn the English language from native speakers. 

As a top company, QKids is concerned about professionalism and requires all its teachers to have at least a bachelor’s degree and English language certificate. 

When you apply as a teacher in QKids, you immediately get access to over 800,000 young students.

#8. English Hunt

English Hunt is a leading online platform that connects teachers with Korean students in order to teach them the English language proficiently. 

The platform recruits new teachers every season, so you need to check the English Hunt career page to see if they offer any open positions regularly. 

When they have open positions, simply apply online to get considered for the job.

#9. Lingoda

Lingoda is an online language teaching platform that allows you to teach foreign languages like English, German, Spanish and French to adult students globally online. 

To qualify as a Lingoda teacher, you must hold a certificate to teach your chosen language. 

In addition to the certificate, you also need to have at least 2 to 3 years of prior teaching experience. 

After meeting all the requirements mentioned above,  you can apply as a teacher.

#10. Magic Ears

Magic Ears is a reputed company providing an innovative English learning experience to young students aged between 4 to 12. 

To apply to teach the English language in Magic Ears, you need to hold a language certificate like TEFL or TESOL. 

However, in case you don’t own it yet, Magic Ears also provides you with an advanced course to help you get certified soon. 

You can simply sign up to become a Magic Ears Hero and teach valuable skills to children online.

How Do I Certify As An Online Teacher?

Certifying as an online teacher is almost similar to a typical traditional teacher. Just like any other teacher, you will need a bachelor’s degree and any different degrees or courses required to certify.

You will also need to complete a teaching certification program to get ready to start your journey as a teacher.

Prior teaching experience can look good on your resume, but you can also apply for online teaching without previous experience. You can use online education to gain experience and learn how to explain your topics to your students clearly and quickly.

All the criteria make online teaching an excellent opportunity for people at different stages of their lives or careers. Fresh graduates, supply teachers, career changers, and experienced educators can all start their journey in online teaching quickly.

How is online teaching different from traditional educational institutes?

Online teaching or e-learning has been believed to eventually take over traditional education for a long time.

But with the onset of the global pandemic online teaching has obviously been very popular.

Teaching in the traditional way is still the most common way of education, but online universities are growing rapidly. 

Though both of these ways are effective, in an e-learning education environment, students can have flexible learning time and also determine the pace of learning.

Students have to listen to long lectures, take notes, and usually resort to rote learning in the traditional education model. And hence, active interaction is not that avid in the traditional classroom. 

Whereas on the other hand during online teaching participation in classroom activities and peer-to-peer collaboration is encouraged. 

In an online learning platform, the dependence on teachers for more information or notes is less for the students. 

They are able to get study materials all by themselves with the help of online libraries and with the internet students can browse through thousands of websites and learn from them. 

If the cost factor is considered then online education is way more affordable than the traditional way of education. 

This is because books, copies, and materials used in the traditional way of teaching are costlier because it involves a lot of processes from cutting down trees to the production of paper, to printing, packaging, and shipping.

With the help of online learning, students can go through the course anytime they want or when they feel like the classes are recorded and can be visited anytime and anywhere which is not possible in the case of the traditional way of teaching. 

One of the ways online learning differs from the traditional way of teaching is on the basis of the number of students.

In traditional classes, the number of students is determined by the capacity of the classroom or hall used for teaching but there is no limit to the number of people who can participate in online classes at any given time.


Yes, you can teach online without any experience or special training. Communication is the most critical skill for online teaching. You need to connect and understand your student’s psyche.

If you are proficient in delivering the content and have a firm grasp on your core subject, these can be some of the essential aspects required for online teaching.

There is no standard requirement to become an online teacher. Some companies don’t require any significant qualifications. However, some major online teaching companies require at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree, even if your degree is not in education. Many online schools prefer teachers with proper certification to meet society’s growing demands.

Earning from online teaching can vary based on various factors like experience, qualification, etc. An on-demand online tutor can expect to be paid between Rs 300- Rs 1000 per hour of online tutoring. It also depends on the difficulty of the subject matter.

Experienced, highly qualified teachers from the country’s top institutes can earn more than Rs 60,000 per month.

Online teachers can face some problems with their internet connection, but with a proper internet connection, the online teaching-learning process is smoother than offline. 

Moreover, it is one of the best ways to earn home money. Students and teachers can stay in their preferred location and continue their education at any convenient time, staying in their comfort zone.

Online teaching can be beneficial for many prospects. It allows both teachers and students to know each other personally. A teacher can personalize the lesson according to the requirements of the student.

There is no need for teachers and students to meet physically; therefore, online teaching offers flexibility with time and location.